Welcome to the World of Pathfindering, Where Youth Can . . . .

Learn Christian values 

Develop self-discipline

Make friends

Enjoy safe and exciting adventures

Learn what teamwork is all about

Prepare for church and community responsibilities

Cultivate courage, self-reliance, honesty, loyalty, and kindness

Learn under the guidance and association of mature Christian counselors

Acquire hobbies and skills

Grow in an atmosphere of love and acceptance

Discover their world and themselves

Pathfinders say:
     . . . . I can meet new friends, go camping, earn AY (Adventist Youth) honors, enjoy fun activities, giving me new opportunities to talk about and know God.

Pathfinders is for kids and teenagers, ages 10 and up (mature 9 year old can also be accepted).  It's a great way for young people to have a safe place to gather, learn skills that will help them in the future, and meet life-long friends.

The Pathfinder Club is under the leadership of Crystal Ruiz.  You can contact Crystal at 714-454-9656.